Conservatives: for the love of God and Country vote against your party on Nov 6th! PART 1

To my fellow Americans and patriots in the red states and of a “conservative” persuasion, if you cannot bring yourself to vote for Obama and the Democrats do your family, your community and your country a favor and please stay home on election day.  The Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket, our corporatized supreme court, and the GOP Leadership in Congress have shown by their action that they care more about power than doing what’s best for the vast majority of us.  They aren’t fit for the positions they currently have or to which they aspire.  Here’s why…

Mitt Romney is LYING TO US perpetually!  His success depends on our ignorance.

Mr Romney has not often looked presidential during this campaign season:

But the deal breaking lack of character for me has been Mitt’s casual (non-existent) relationship with the truth.  The national stage of presidential politics has never seen such brazen, unapologetic lying.  There have been oft-rebutted never retracted lies at every juncture:

  • He started his campaign by quoting Obama out of context attributing the statement “If we keep talking about the economy we’re going to lose” to him in 2012 instead of Obama saying that about McCain’s campaign in 2008.
  • He continued with an ad saying Obama was gutting welfare reform (an utter lie and a throwback to the shameful Southern Strategy)
  • He themed his convention (a wooden lack-luster affair missing policy positions, and most notable for an angry old man muttering at an empty chair) on the lie that the phrase “You didn’t build that” referred to the businesses folk start instead of the roads and bridges we all use and the government built with tax dollars.
  • His V.P. is nothing short of a con artist parading as a “serious fiscal conservative” but who literally voted for every budget busting move of the Bush Administration.
  • And now in his last desperate gasp he’s lied about the Jeep plant in Ohio saying that GM/Chrysler were shutting that down and sending it to China and attributing that to the President a lie so egregious that GM/Chrysler forcefully rebutted it.

The lies that weave throughout the Romney/Ryan platform (If you care, the sheer volume and scope of Mitt’s lies are chronicled at and articles on his lying are found on blogs and news sites alike) is an affront to reasonableness, to the honor of the office they’re pursuing, an insult to our collective national intelligence and disqualifies Mitt as any type of ethical leader fit for the Presidency.


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